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11:24 PM

Pushparaj Neupane

Posted by Lovlyanup

Name : Pushparaj Neupane
Adress : Birathnagar, Nepal.
Date of Birth : July 21, 1984
Birth Place : Birathnagar (Nepal)
Zodiac Sign : Aries
Hobbies : To play a game (Cricket)
I Love : My country
I Trust: My family and some friends.
Clothing : Simple (Nepali)
Enjoy : To listen music
Drink: Water
Sports : Football and Cricket
Idea of sleeping: Go to the bed with book and read it then your eyes will be close automatically.
I'm afraid of : Snake
I get irritated by: A Person, who got wrong concept.
I feel unhappy: When some body make me heart.
Idea of romance: Take a girl, go to park and get hand together.
I hate : Nepali Politician
Fav. Color : Light Blue
Fav. Place : Nepali hills & Mountains
Fav. Food : Fry rice
Fav. Actor : Who is good actor
Fav. Actress: I don’t have Favorite one.
Fav. Singer : Karna Das
Fav. Singer Nepali Pop Male : Sugam Pokharel
Fav. Singer Nepali Pop Female : N/A
Fav. Model : N/A
Passion : To get achievement
Strength : My Behaviors
Songs that I never get tired: Sayad mero prit, Timro aankha ko….
Touches me : Sad movement
I believe In: Reality
I have faith: to God
In Future: Good Social worker
Book I love to read : Muna Madan
Movie I was touched by : Tum Bin
Fascinating Spots : Snooker
Last line for your frnz n fans: Life is full of trouble but never be sad!!! (Always be happy)


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la dami cha poj khanacha babu ...

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